Stephen Johnson

Feeling Funny – July / August 2015

Well I’m not sure where to start….
stephen johnson
I attend the PSS Umbrella Centre and recently I was informed of a comedy course starting for beginners running over seven weeks. After having a chat with some of my friends from the Umbrella Centre we decided to give it a go. I used to think I was funny before my mental health started to take hold and I had never done stand up comedy before so it was something very new to me.

We all turned up at the Radio City Tower on a Tuesday night and were introduced to Sam Avery and the gang. The 1st week was about getting to know each other and an explanation about the course. Then the following weeks we started developing our own routines. My routine was a mixture of jokes and  impersonations, which I managed to get up to a massive six minutes! The seventh week was the final performance show at the Baby Blue.

To be honest I’ve done some comedy drama and poetry with the PSS Creatives from stephen johnson 2Umbrella but have never been up on stage on my own before the final performance show.

Anyway….I survived and I’m here to tell the tale. Also after this some of us including me were asked to perform their stand up routines at the Brink for World Mental Health Week which I enjoyed.

I think I will do more stand up in the future and I think it’s helped me with my drama and also to help cheer me and other people up because there’s an old saying you’ve got to laugh or you’ll greet. So go on give it a try you know you want to.


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