That’s right, we’re packing the boxes whilst staring ingiphy disbelief all of the nick nacks we’ve hoarded over the years. The Comedy Trust blog is officially moving home onto green pastures with an exciting new name on an even more exciting brand new charity website, launching as part of our 15th Birthday Year celebration! *we know it’s hard but try to contain your excitement*

Our new venture will have the ever so glamorous title of “Comedy Trust Corner” and will feature on our new website set to launch in the first week of May. But don’t worry all of our old content has been transferred onto our new site so no monumental stories or chuckle worthy anecdotes are lost. The new blog will home our weekly #ChuckleTuesdays, staff entries, topical posts about the community, comedy, humour, mental health, the arts, education and most importantly our incredible inspirational stories from past participants.

But this blog was fine? Why have you decided to move? Well, well, well, let us tell you. We wanted all of our content to be in one place so it is fully accessible for you all, also ten tonnes of click throughs and adverts are no fun either! This blog will remain active however there will be no new content from the launch of our new site next week. By including the new blog onto our website it will give users access to all of the interesting content we have surrounding the trust and the Liverpool Comedy Festival. It’s a win win really! Also by moving sites we will be able to create content on a more regular basis making sure your laughter quotas are filled each week.

We’re on the look out for new bloggers / writers to contribute to our #ChuckleTuesdays posts so if you’re interested and want to showcase your comedy themed Shakespeare skills we want to hear from you! Email us today on info@thecomedytrust.com to register your interest

We hope that you’ll join us on our move and spread the word!


Comedy Trust Corner can be found on the following link – www.thecomedytrust.com/

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