Celebrities Speak Out About Mental Health

Since it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, this week’s Chuckle Tuesday blog post will discuss celebrities who speak out about mental health and how this can help shed the stigma attached with mental health problems. As an organisation whose ethos is ‘Creating Happier, Healthier People’, this openness from celebrities is an amazing chance to get more people to talk about their own mental wellbeing.

For example, Rio Ferdinand’s documentary ‘Being Mum and Dad’, is vastly important and bold. We see Ferdinand openly talk about the loss of his wife and mother to his children, Rebecca, and the grief the whole family had after this. During the filming, we see Rio come to the realisation that he hasn’t come to terms with the impact the loss had on himself. As one of the most famous footballers in the world, for Rio Ferdinand to talk about loss and grief this may well help other footballers and football fans alike, to talk more about their mental health.

Rio Ferdinand – Being Mum and Dad documentary aired on the BBC

Another important example of someone in the constant spotlight of the media is, Prince Harry, who has been speaking out about receiving counselling 20 years after the death of his mother. This brings to light how mental health comes in all shapes and sizes and people deal with it in all different types of ways. We often think of celebrities as ‘different’ to the rest of us, when in fact they suffer from the same emotions as the rest of us.

Celebrities talking about their own personally experiences will help to de-stigmatise mental illness. It will enable us to speak more frequently about mental health and find treatment that can change people’s lives. It’s a reminder that those in the spotlight so suffer from the same fears and emotions as the rest of us, even when we think they’re protected by this celebrity bubble. It is a step in the right direction and a hope that other people to come out and talk about their wellbeing.



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