Richard Adamson

Feeling Funny  As a volunteer reporter on a website telling stories about how to stay mentally well I was more than happy to report there about how being on the Feeling Funny course made me feel about myself. A fellow reporter told me about it and has since filmed all the shows so far as… More Richard Adamson

Alex Rothwell

Feeling Funny – November / December 2015 “I’m Alex and I’m from Gloucestershire, but moved to Liverpool 5 years ago as a student and stayed here once I finished my degree to avoid facing the realities of grown up life and so I could keep using my student card to get a free cheeseburger with every… More Alex Rothwell

John Paul

Feeling Funny – November / December 2015 My name is John Paul Brady and I’m 39 years old.  I attend Crown Resource Centre and it was my keyworkers and a volunteer there who suggested that myself and two other centre users attend the course, which tries to encourage men to confront mental health issues through stand… More John Paul

Dan Roberts

Feeling Funny – November / December 2015 “You’ve got to laugh or you’ll cry” This is an overused phrase that I’ve heard a million times, usually by the annoying one in work who’s just dumped a mountain of stuff on me before taking a long weekend; adding to the hamster-wheel/rat-race feeling that just never seems to abate.  AAAAND… More Dan Roberts

Stephen Johnson

Feeling Funny – July / August 2015 Well I’m not sure where to start…. I attend the PSS Umbrella Centre and recently I was informed of a comedy course starting for beginners running over seven weeks. After having a chat with some of my friends from the Umbrella Centre we decided to give it a go.… More Stephen Johnson

Matty Houghton

Comedy Course for Beginners – August 2015 I completed the six week course with Comedy Trust in August 2015. I had experience of performing before doing the course but never within stand up comedy.  I had been wanting to try my hand at stand up comedy for a number of years and finally plucked up… More Matty Houghton

Maureen Baines

Stand Up To Stigma – September – October 2014 I have always had a penchant for making people laugh – jokes, impersonations, silly walks and so on – it makes them feel better, makes me feel better, and breaks down many barriers. Laughter is an effective distraction technique against the darkness that can descend into our… More Maureen Baines

Bryan Adams

Comedy Course for Beginners – 2006 How stand-up taught me the art of crafting a successful pitch: devising a story that the listener can emotionally relate to… At the age of 26, I found myself just one year into my entrepreneurial career and way out of my depth. I was presented with an exciting opportunity… More Bryan Adams

Tony Poole

Feeling Funny – May / June 2015 I really enjoyed the comedy course, it was a great experience. I’ve been interested in comedy for as long as I can remember and I’d performed stand-up routines at a couple of charity talent events. At the beginning of the first session I had doubts such as “What… More Tony Poole

Johnny Breakdown

Stand Up To Stigma – September – October 2014 Humour in Uniform, Laughter is the Best Medicine On one of my first visits to the Peace Centre I met a Northern Ireland Veteran whose recollection of service life was very different to my own.  Theirs was somewhat traumatic; being shot in the head will have that… More Johnny Breakdown